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The present day communication between Teachers (SCHOOL) and Parents happens only through the School Diary which will not work on emergencies, holidays and vacation.Time Solutions & Distributions intends to fill this gap. Time Solutions & Distributions takes great pride to present "The Parent Connect".

Benefits for the Students

Knowledge of particular day's class even if absent, enabling preparations for the next day.Effective parent teacher communication ensures academic excellence.

Benefits for the Teachers

Assuring the safety of their students,For lower classes, Teachers need to make only a single entry rather than writing in multiple diaries thus reducing the unwanted stress

Benefits for the Parents

Effective communication with parents on day to day basis other than the PTA meeting, completely in time.Keeping the parents involved with daily activities will reduce phone calls

Benefits for the School

Effective communication builds everlasting relationship.Admin can monitor the portions covered with the academic lesson plan.All this with Absolutely No Additional Infrastructure cost

Our Services

SMS Software

An effective feature of SMS software is we can send sms for birthday, parents wedding anniversary. It will send sms for fee reminder. This software will helps to send sms when holiday or hartal happens.

Alumni Software

Our alumni software can help you move beyond simply establishing a network. Alumni software is help to connect your classmates easily. This software will helps to maintain the relationships.

Time Table Software

Our intelligent time table module will help you to schedule your school planning efficiently. It is very easy and simple to manage, you can easily create time slots, map class subject,teachers and classes etc.

Digital library

Opportunity to make your library more advance and library staff/users more efficient & dynamic with this online module. Digital library software helps to Keep book records, calculate late fine, etc.

Punching machine

Punching machine is help in automation of attendance of the employees and can help in tracking In & Out time of employees total work duration. This software will helps to calculating the salary.

Dymamic websites

We believe that every client is distinct, every project unique. Our style is clean, uncluttered, and steeped in the principals of design.Our team work designing unique to meet your needs.

Online Fee Payment

Online fee payment module possibility to integrate net banking solution to collect fee online. It will create multiple fee reports class and student wise. It will create online fee alerts on parents mobile.

Academic calendar

Academic calendar software helps to add various events conducted in the school/college. The school can add their events and the events are shown in calendar. The parents and students can see these events.